A New Approach to an Old Way of Crop Cultivation

How would you like to learn of a new way to get¬†faster growth,¬†larger yields, disease and drought resistance, and more – using nature’s technology!?!?

Over the centuries, even millennia, agronomists and scientists have wondered how powerful nature is -capable of so many things, including the renewal of life.

In its simplest form, growers of all kinds have reveled at the way lightning storms tend to make crops seem healthier, greener, and more lush in the time leading up to them and afterwards as well. Dr. Patrick Flanagan discovered that one of the uses of old Irish towers in the countryside was to attract lightning strikes, as it was recognized that they help crop growth in some way.

But it goes further back in time too, way back! John Burke and Kaj Halberg, wrote in their book, Seed of Knowledge, Stone of Plenty: Understanding the Lost Technology of the Ancient Megalith-Builders, how the agrarian societies that were once located in areas like those of Stonehenge in England, and Monk’s Mound in Cahokia, Illinois, used these sacred sites as a catalyst in (seed) fertility rituals.

Earth Energies like Stonehenge can drastically improve crop growth

Well Through their research, they found a strong presence of various energies at these sacred sites, especially at certain times of the day.

In our modern times, the strange yet positive effects of these observations and the power that these energies have on plants has been decoded, and is now available for everyone from the average tiny-scale apartment grower to the large scale commercial grower!

The concept… Is Electro-Horticulture!

In our book, Electro-Horticulture, A guide…., you will learn the modern history of these methods, the scientific underpinnings as to how they operate, and detailed instructions on how to easily build your own system that replicate these natural energetic conditions – on your time without having to visit any sacred sites or praying for a thunderstorm to arrive.

electrically treated plants grow faster, larger and are stronger

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Learn more about how you can use high-tech to organically improve your crop:

  • Higher yields: 20 to 300+ %
  • Faster Growth & Earlier Harvests: by up to 4 weeks
  • Improved Drought, Disease, and Pest Resistance, too!

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